August Nguyen

Convo Magazine

Convo is a magazine concept that honours colloquial languages with a special typographic treatment. The first issue of the series embraces Singlish as a witness of culture and brings stories that read and look Singapore.



Expressing a social topic in an unconventional way, the type — instead of images — if now the face and voice of the content. Various typefaces were used for headlines to capture the characteristics of each story, from funky, explorative to confident; while Avenir was used globally as a stable and comforting narrator.


In order to keep the cohesion running across each issue, it’s needed to keep something consistent across pages. In Convo, the wide breathing space, neat layout and the thin line running at the bottom of the spread are the signature. They communicate friendliness and modern.


Another good thing about this concept is its longevity. The potential doesn’t stop at Singapore or any country, but can be expanded to slangs, dialects, creole, lingua franca, comparisons and other interesting sub-topics and sub-directions.


  • Stories by The Shan and Rozz Show, Aussie Pete, Julia Sherstyuk
  • Photographs by Aikbeng Chia, Zinkie Aw, D. Ollerenshaw, vulture labs