August Nguyen

Animal Farm — Movie Intro

The Title Sequence for Animal Farm livens up the iconic literature work by capturing the Soviet essence and express through pseudo 3D animation technique.


Different backgrounds and filters were tried out, before one same background was chosen for the whole sequence to maintain cohesion and relevance to the story. Trapcode Mir was utilised to generate the flags’ fabric body, with a touch from Turbulent Distort effect and various sets of preference for the best result.


Each animal was isolated and had their body part separated into different layers to achieve realistic motion. The scenes had been completely set before camera and lighting layers were used, to guarantee smooth motion and seamless cut. Masking technique was used to create fluid transition between scenes and between images and text.



  • Polyushka Polye by Efkan Şeşen
  • Polyushka Polye by Ahmet Koç
  • Kaisho by August Nguyen