August Nguyen

Những thứ mình cần làm trước khi tháng 11 kết thúc

Đôi khi cảm thấy sợ,
vì thời gian trôi quá nhanh là chính, và vì sự lười biếng của mình là mười

  1. Portfolio ✅
  2. All applicants are required to submit a portfolio that consists of 12 to 20 examples of work that they have completed recently. They should select examples of work that reflects their personal interests, experiences and competencies in the arts. This work may be in any media; two-dimensional, three dimensional, time-based, games, audio recording, scripts, website, etc. They may be in finished form or submitted as preparatory work such as sketches, notebook pages, mind-maps, concept drawings, etc, and may be the result of assigned class projects or of self-directed exploration.


    All submitted work must be reproductions of your original works.

    If the work was done as part of a group project, then the applicant’s specific, creative role in that project must be clearly stated or the work will not be considered for review.

    Copies of other artists’ works will not be considered for review.

  3. Personal Statement ✅
  4. All applicants are required to submit one sample of writing that should, in no more than 400 words:

    • Tell us what makes you a creative person.
    • Tell us why you want to study at the School of Art, Design and Media
    • Choose ONE piece of art, design or media work (e.g. a film, painting, sculpture, game, website, installation, designed object, visual image, etc.) that inspired and excited you and explain why.
    • If you are selected to study in ADM, which area will you prefer to major in?
      • Digital Animation-Digital Filmmaking
      • Photography and Digital Imaging
      • Product Design
      • Interactive Media
      • Visual Communication

    Please state a first and a second choice.

    NOTE: This will only serve as an indication of your preference. It does not constitute a guarantee to get into your area of choice.

  5. Creative Projects ✅
  6. All applicants are required to submit a response to ONE of the following three creative briefs:

    • Creative Brief 1:
    • In a video/film that lasts no longer than 1 minute address the idea of ‘a journey’.

    • Creative Brief 2:
    • In a sequence of 5 photographic images address the idea of ‘a journey’.

    • Creative Brief 3:
    • In a sound piece that lasts no longer than 1 minute address the idea of ‘a journey’. Sounds can include found, recorded or self-created noise/sound, speech or music.

  7. Drawing
  8. Applicants are required to submit three separate drawings based on the following instructions:

    Each drawing must be done in black and white using any drawing tools/techniques on an A4 sheet of white paper measuring 29.7cm x 21cm.
    These drawings must be submitted in their original form, not as reproductions.
    Applicants must ensure that they write their full name and official application number on the back of each drawing.

    • Drawing 1:
    • A drawing from observation (i.e. the actual thing that you are drawing is in front of you) of an object or part of an object. This drawing will test the applicant’s ability to convey what they observe.

    • Drawing 2:
    • Use the shapes given below to illustrate the idea of ‘Tension’. Make ONLY abstract responses (in other words, no cats, faces, or any recognisable objects). Shapes may be repeated. Pay attention to scale, contrast, composition and depth.

    • Drawing 3:
    • Write a story with the title ‘Transformation’ (not exceeding 200 words) then illustrate it as a sequence of three or more drawn images on one piece of paper without text/words. This could take the form of a comic strip or a story-board. This sequence will test the applicant’s ability to communicate narrative. Submit the story together with the drawing sequence in a legible form.

Done on Dec. 7th and submitted on Dec. 9th


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